Sunday, February 8, 2009


Moves so much more quickly as you get older.  It's one  of those things older people tell you and you just shrug it off, but damn it is true!  I guess I am an older person telling you now.  You, whoever you are.  My sister I guess.  I love to type.  I love to write.  It seems rather inconvenient to write a blog every day though. I wonder why?  The pressure to perform.  That's a crock.  What should I tell you?  I went to breakfast with a friend today and had eggs benedict.  With real hollandaise sauce.  MMMM.  Great coffee.  I love Gmail.  Maybe I had too much coffee today?  I need to clean my office.  We gave the cats, we have four, flea stuff today and they are all passed out now.  Which is pretty much par for the course because they are cats.  Speaking of cats, I have been dreaming about what I will do if and when I retire from teaching.  I want to have a cat sanctuary and I found a great one on the web.  I will try and post it here.  
Check it out.  That's me in about ten years or so.  Although at the rate time is going...


  1. yes-don't you remember that when we were kids, summers seemed to last forever? Even a weekend took a long time to go by, in my memory.

    by the way, good job embedding the link! And what makes you think you can retire in ten years?

  2. Yeah I know. Ten years is a little too short. I need to figure that out someday. But I will have a husband with pensions...