Friday, February 20, 2009

Will the real Freddy Krueger please stand up?

My sister, she made up FreddyK, a long time before whoever takes credit for him now.  Really.  She used to tell me stories, that she made up, about a character who had an ashy face, wore a hat, and would kill people by slicing them up with his one really long fingernail.  There was also something about him storing those cut up bodies in wine barrels for wine and cheese parties.  That part was a by-product of all the wine and cheese parties my  mom had in the 70's, which is when my sister was telling these stories.  Yeah.  Way before this Freddy guy.  Lawsuit anyone?  I will testify.  So will my bff Michele, cause I told her the stories too.  I don't remember if I lied and told her I made them up, but that doesn't matter now.  I finished that book I was reading.  I need to read it again.  That's all I am willing to say about it now.  

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  1. thanks for your post--I really like that you still remember those stories, even though I was probably trying to scare you back then. I wish I had written them down. But weren't they fun? Oh well.