Thursday, December 31, 2009

Random Ramble

It's the last day of 2009. Time to reflect. It's been a great year in so many ways. Right this moment one of my favorite things in the world, Maya, is cuddling and licking me. Ouch! She just bit me too! Work is a huge part of my life and this year has been tiring but amazing. I'm part of a revolution in education, truly on the ground floor and it feels good. Aww crap, I don't want to reflect anymore. Not in the mood. I'm going to see "New Moon" with a friend this afternoon. I know it's crap, but we saw "Twilight" together and promised to see this one together, besides our husbands won't go see it! Here's the problem with blogs as opposed to diaries. Everyone can read them. I can't complain about things that I don't want people to read, because technically they could. A retired teacher from FUHS does tarot card readings and I'm getting one tomorrow. I hope it says something interesting. I got paid today I should be more excited. But since it's all gone already as usual it doesn't really excite me. I don't feel sick anymore. I'm still taking freaking antibiotics though. Damn, I must be getting old because they have really wrecked me. I have all sorts of digestive issues from them and headaches, etc. Ah well, only one more day. At least my sinus infection is gone. This isn't really the stuff of blogs is it? Oh well, if I'm going to write consistently this is some of what it's going to look like. I do love to write. Do other people read the stuff they've written over and over? I read my stuff all the time. It's sort of weirdly narcissistic. We are a culture of narcissists though aren't we? Facebook and Twitter validate that. I got a Wii for Christmas and it's actually pretty freaking fun. I need to watch less TV. It's such a time suck. But it is what I do to relax I guess. I need to clean my office. Shit, I've been saying that for at least a year. Maybe that should be my goal for today. Ya know what? It is. I'm going to do it! That would make me feel very accomplished. Okay, oh and I hate the title of my blog too. Very, ummm, arrogant?

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