Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Last time I attempted to clean out my office, something I am thinking of doing today; at least now while I lie in bed, I found a diary from when I was a teenager. The first line was something about how I was going to write every day, stop smoking, stop drinking, stop getting high, stop eating junk food and start exercising. Ha! Way to load it on huh? As I look to the start of a new year I try to think of what I have accomplished as opposed to what I need to change. One thing for sure, I didn't work as much this year. I quit my second job and only worked as a teacher. Oh and some research work, but that is all informing my practice as a teacher. I lost twenty two pounds, although I haven't weighed myself lately. :) In May I will have quit smoking for three years and this month I have been sober for, shit, I don't actually know. HA. I was drunk for the beginning of 2000 so I would have to say it was December of that year. So, nine years. I have done better with money this year. We are paying off our debt and I'm working to get to the place where I have spending money again. So what to resolve for two thousand ten? You're looking at one. Write in or on? Beth, what's the proper preposition? Whichever, post to my blog more often. Stay in better touch with friends. Not work too much. Continue to take better care of myself. Go to the midwest to see my sister, and Tim's kids and grandkids. Get new living room furniture. Get a cleaning person again! Start a fund for my cat rescue. Encourage Tim to take better care of himself whatever that entails. Cook more. That sounds like enough for now. What about you? By the way, the picture is of me and my niece's grandma at Thanksgiving. Only one I had on my laptop so ...


  1. Yahoo! Blog post! I think they way to phrase it is to say that you're going to "post more" on or to your blog. I will look forward to your posts however frequent or infrequent they may be. And really, give yourself a break--you have done a lot with your life so far, and you still have lots of time left. You are an amazing person! I love you! 23 24 23 24 23!

  2. p.s. have you tried the new browser google chrome yet? It's fucking awesome.