Friday, January 1, 2010

First day of 2010. So far, so good. Saw New Moon last night with a friend. Wow. What a crappy movie. The Twilight saga itself is just so trite and one dimensional, but New Moon just made me laugh. What made it even worse was the middle aged woman in front of us, who not only was making disgusting noises about the young boys on the screen, but was one of those movie watchers that feels like they need to comment on everything. It was obvious she had read the book or even watched the movie already and kept urging characters on etc. Lord, oh well it was fun anyway. Started the morning by getting a Tarot card reading from a friend over the phone. Said a lot of good and positive things. Talked about how I need to take a risk, let go of something comfortable in order to gain something. Yeah, I know, pretty freaking generic right? I need to communicate more and not berate myself. Yadda Yadda. Well, I have a kitty that wants my attention gotta go

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  1. Hello, YOU are a middle-aged woman. But I hope that you enjoyed the movie despite her annoying prattling. How can you do a tarot card reading over the phone? never heard of that one--was it fun?